Why Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey is So Cheap

Why Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey is So Cheap

Why is Turkey so affordable for hair transplant surgery? There are a few reasons. The low cost of labor is a reason. Turkey is a country that produces goods and therefore does not have to pay import taxes or additional fees. Turkey’s labor costs are less than other countries that allows it to provide lower prices.

The reasons Turkey has a low-cost hair transplant procedure

The low cost of hair transplant surgery in Turkey is due to many factors. First medical tourism is the biggest industry and clinics are keen to compete and that results in many clinics cutting costs. Unfortunately, this results in less safety and quality. It is also common for clinics in Turkey to hire low-qualified staff to reduce costs. While many Turkish clinics are licensed to perform surgeries but many others depend on technicians who aren’t trained to do the job.

Another thing to take into account when assessing cost of hair transplants in Turkey is the size of the area of balding. The cost of a hair transplant procedure in Turkey is less expensive if the area is small. In addition, some clinics have fixed prices for certain kinds of balding. This could affect the cost. For instance FUE and DHi Hair Transplants are both costly, but some clinics will have one fixed rate for both.

Cost of non-invasive, non-invasive procedure

Turkey’s non-invasive hair transplant surgery is among the most affordable in world. Many clinics offer affordable packages for international patients. The procedures are carried out using the most modern equipment and treatment methods. Patients don’t have to worry about scarring or infections following the procedure. The procedure typically costs about $850 in Turkey.

Before undergoing a transplant, it is important to choose the procedure that best fits your requirements and budget. FUE and FUT are two of the most popular options. Each has pros and cons. FUE can take anywhere from ten to three times longer and costs between 80 and 90 percent less than FUT. However, the amount of time required for each procedure differs.

Online consultations are free

Hair transplant surgery in Turkey is among the most sought-after procedures. Turkey’s low cost and favorable exchange rates make it an ideal option for those seeking top-quality results. In reality, the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is approximately 70% lower than in other countries. Even if you don’t have insurance for health, you can still afford the procedure.

When considering whether or not to undergo hair transplant surgery in Turkey, you should be aware that this procedure isn’t for everyone. The procedure is not easy for those who are over 60. This surgery should not be performed on individuals who have certain blood-borne or infectious illnesses.

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Turkey’s low costs for labor are one of the reasons hair transplants in Turkey are so affordable. Clinics in Turkey have an advantage over European counterparts due to this. However, the location of the clinic is a further expense. In Turkey, over 1200 hospitals operate. This helps Turkish clinics to negotiate good rates in hospitals and out of them.

Turkey is home to a number of the world’s top hair transplant centers. FUE is the most favored method of hair transplants in Turkey. It is well-known for its speedy recovery and minimal scarring. Patients interested in undergoing a hair transplant procedure will find a variety of clinics offering medical tourism packages. These packages usually cost between EUR 1,200 to EUR 2,000 and include airfare as well as hotel accommodations and meals.

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