Hair Transplant Clinics & Surgeons in Istanbul Turkey

Hair Transplant Clinics & Surgeons in Istanbul Turkey

Turkey is a major international hub for hair transplants, with more than 1 million medical tourists entrusting their health to its specialists. By 2023, the amount of patients from around the world will increase by more than two-thirds. Every day, 600 patients receive a new thatch. Most of them come from the Middle East, but there are too many European patients. In Istanbul, alone, 350 clinics perform hair transplant surgeries.


Cosmedica, a clinic that offers hair transplant surgery in Istanbul Turkey, is an award-winning one. The clinic provides patients with a stress-free treatment that covers travel expenses including check-ups, post-operative care. It also has a staff who speaks English to ensure that patients feel at and at ease.


Nimclinic is among the most popular hair transplant clinics located in Istanbul, Turkey. It offers top-quality treatments at a reasonable cost. is composed of medical doctors, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists. The clinic provides full assistance to patients following the procedure. They will even arrange for VIP airport transfers if required.

Sanantur Clinic

The Sanantur Clinic specializes in hair transplantation procedures using FUE and DHI techniques. The clinic was founded in 1994 and has treated thousands of patients around the world. It uses world-renowned cosmetic surgeons, as well as modern techniques for the procedure.

Diamond Hair Clinic

Diamond Hair Clinic is the most reliable place to get hair transplant surgery in Istanbul Turkey. Dr. Mehmet demircioglu is a top hair transplant surgeon with 90% success rate. Since the beginning of time, the clinic has been offering top-quality Istanbul hair transplant surgery. The clinic is a preferred choice for many international patients who go to Istanbul to receive hair transplants at a lower price.

Long Hair Center

Although hair transplant clinics can be found all over Europe and the US the ones located in Istanbul have distinguished themselves with their high-quality treatments. Although hair clinics in Turkey began out less expensive than those in Europe, doctors grew more skilled and better equipped as the tourist industry increased.


CapilClinic is one of the most prominent hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Istanbul Turkey, offering hair transplant procedures to patients from all over the world. The clinic is equipped with state-of the-art technology and has a team made up of highly skilled surgeons and specialists. Its mission is to improve hair density by performing hair transplant surgery on patients who suffer from various hair loss conditions.

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