Brunette escorts

There are several personality traits that are, considered to be, gifted to those escorts with brunette coloured hair. With this is mind, a large proportion of men are drawn to booking with them and nearly all say, they have never had a bad experience. Nor one which would make them think these supposed personality traits of a brunette escort, are not true. 

A brunette escort is acclaimed to be more career oriented, than her blonde work mates. Because of this, it stands to reason that clients will automatically believe that brunettes are going to more dedicated to doing their job well, than a blonde-haired girl. This is something that has been claimed to be true also, by clients. 

They love the wholeheartedness and professionalism which is given by a brunette escort girl. Unlike most girls, a brunette will treat being an escort the same as they would any ‘real world’ business. Wanting to give the best services possible and build up a name for themselves within the area they are working in. In this regard, their personality trait of being more likely to succeed and more career minded, is indeed something which is accurate. No only this, but a perceived personality trait of a brunette is that they are seen as more competent in every aspect of life. So, it’s no wonder than when a man wants some fun under the sheets, they book with a brunette escort. 

Due to the things mentioned above, you will find that an escort who is brunette is more likely to attract clients who are like-minded and not scared of a little commitment. Meaning, that the clients who book them are usually looking for something a little more serious, than just a one time meeting. Normally, looking for a girlfriend experience with a brunette who they can become a regular client of. 

All in all, the personality traits of a brunette escort, make her perfect for long encounters that are sensual and fun of her feminine and passionate aura.